Alphys from Undertale Cosplay | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay Alphys from Undertale

Alphys is a character from the popular indie game Undertale.

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Alphys before we get started:

1) She is a female reptilian monster thing.

2) She lives in a lab in western Hotland.

3) She was the awarded the incumbent Royal Scientist by Asgore after her predecessor died.

4) She told Asgore that she created a SOUL, but it was only a robotic body for a ghost...this was also the reason why Asgore hired her in the first place.

Alright and now to the cosplaying:

1) Yellow wig

2) Black frame glasses

3) White lab coat

4) Black and white polka dot dress

5) Yellow body paint (or makeup)

6) Yellow plush slippers

7) Yellow plush dinosaur tail

Thankfully, Alphys is not a very complicated costume to cosplay as.

But there are some things you can do to save time and money:

1) Hair may be sprayed bright yellow instead of using a wig.

2) Bodypaint may actually be put on feet and then using very discreet-looking sandals/footwear can mean that you may be able to forgo the dinosaur flippers.

3) Polka dot dress may not be necessary if you get a large enough lab coat, or are comfortable with using the coat to cover up your body and use more discreet layers of clothing underneath.

And that’s essentially it for Alphys.

Enjoy your costume!

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