Zorro Style Tie Mask

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Black zorro style Eyemask with Cloth Ties. One Size. If you fancy channeling the secret alter ago of Don Diego de la Vega, a fictional character made famous by Johnston McCulley then this Black Zorro Style Mask is the ideal addition to your outfit. It is a great mask, which will no doubt be a valuable part of your fancy dress collection for now and many years to come. If you are a fan of Zorro, you will know that the identity of the man behind the mask is a secret. With that in mind, this mask would be ideal for Halloween as the very premise of a secret identity if enough to give you the shivers! The mask was made for seeking vengeance, so you know that youll need a whole host of attitude along with this mask to become fully in character. When paired with an ensemble as black as the night, youll be ready to tackle the world as Zorro himself. This Zorro-style mask offers a clever eye-mask design with cloth ties. It comes in one size, which means that it will comfortably fit most adults thanks to the convenient ties that secure at the back of the head. There are slits for eyes and youll also find a comfortable gap for the nose so you wont have to be fiddling with the fit all night long. You are simply there to concentrate on staying in character, and our expertly manufactured party products will take care of the rest. The mask boasts a super soft finish so it will sit nicely on your face without being uncomfortable. We love this mask for Halloween, themed parties, bachelor nights out and fancy dress events. Thanks to a high-quality construction, youll be able to add this mask to your collection knowing it will be used again and again for many different occasions and parties.

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