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Some creepy creatures are timeless. For years, kids and adults have been delighted and intrigued by vampires, werewolves, witches and - of course - zombies. These gruesome, ghoulish members of the undead roam about feeding on brains in traditional lore, turning their victims into zombies too. Regardless why zombies are so appealing, they sure are good for a scare. An endless number of survival horror video games, popular TV shows and classic horror films have proven this point time and time again.

The most effective aspect of a zombie costume is the makeup. The grosser, the better! Whether you're preparing for a Walking Dead party or a standard Halloween fare, we have everything you need for a creative and grotesque zombie costume. Want a super graphic open and decaying wound? We've got all types, from bullet wounds to slashes to compound fractures. We even have some creative wounds, such as a glass cut - complete with a shard of glass - and a facial wound that could only be the result of being mauled by a bear. If you'd rather create your own injuries from scratch, pick up a handy makeup kit with a variety of colors for undead skin tones and sickening wounds.

The great thing about zombies is that no two look exactly alike. You could portray your zombie as having been anything from a doctor to a goth to an average Joe in life. No matter what you choose as your zombie’s backstory, your costume is sure to be unique; the possibilities are endless. The only thing missing is a zombie costume to go with your makeup.

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