Wolverine Claws Deluxe Child


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Wolverine Claws are Cloth gloves with eva MOLDED knifes attached. Child size. Here at Fantasy Costumes, we pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of high-quality costumes, wigs, accessories, masks, makeup and more. Along with an enormous range of outfits and clothes we also offer accessories and party pieces such as our Wolverine Claws Deluxe Child, which are necessary for completing any Wolverine costume for Halloween or a birthday bash! Its all in the details when your dressing up, especially if you're trying to bring a particular character to life. You cant channel the very best authentic Wolverine without these claws, which is why we offer them separately to ensure you are fully equipped to stay in character for the duration of your event. Wolverine is a fantastic costume to go for when its Halloween or a special birthday on the cards. The claws themselves are constructed using high-quality materials and finished to be durable as well as iconic. They are instantly recognizable and have been made of cloth for added comfort. The knives attached are plastic and they are child-size, so they make the ideal accompaniment for your child's Wolverine outfit. The gloves are super comfortable as well as being incredibly stylish. They perfectly mimic the movie gloves that your child will no doubt recognize so you can rest assured he will love them. These gloves are an accessory that will be used again and again and boast a blue and silver appearance to tie in with the rest of the outfit. They are crafted of breathable fabric and will slip on and off easily so your child will be able to stay comfortable throughout the duration of his event. Whether its for at-home dress up or an addition to the schools costume department these gloves are sure to be loved.

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