Wig Goth Black/Burgundy Flip


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Black/ Burgundy Goth Flip Wig Stumble across somebody wearing our Black/Burgundy Goth Flip Wig one Halloween night and its bound to send a quick shiver down your spine! Realistic in appearance and sure to make a statement, this gothic wig will no doubt become a brand new favorite amongst your fancy dress collection. We are confident you're going to love it thanks to its high-quality construction and dramatic volume, lifting your features so that they are fit for a vampire or evil sorceress! There is no end to the list of scary characters you could bring to life with a little help from our gothic flip wig. The wig itself is as dark as the night sky, with streaks of eye-catching burgundy to add a second dimension. The wig itself offers a gorgeous, high-quality construction thanks a team of dedicated experts behind the scenes. Here at Fantasy Costumes we pride ourselves on sourcing wigs, masks and costumes using materials that are going to last as well as provide you with an unforgettable costume. Dressing up is our favorite pastime and we want to transfer that passion into all of our pieces. This gothic wig would suit any Halloween celebration or themed birthday party that had an evil undertone! When paired with dark eyeliner, a slick of dark lipstick and some complimentary clothing you'll have an outfit that will rival even the spookiest Halloween costume. This wig has style as well as a lifelike appearance, so you'll be the most stylish vamp in the room. We adore the sleek slicked back style, gentle flicks at the end and the characteristic V-shaped bangs that provide a touch of definition to the piece. The wig will sit against your existing hairline easily, providing you with a comfortable costume that will rival others on the market.

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