White Cotton Gloves


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White cotton gloves. One size. When you head out to a fancy dress party, its easy to forget about the little things when it comes to completing your costume. Thats why, here at Fantasy Costumes, we offer things like these White Cotton Gloves to ensure you are fully in character. They are not only essential for a successful costume but something that you may forget about if we didnt remind you! We offer a wide range of costumes, wigs, party props and masks to ensure that your party is the best it could possible be. Not only is our collection vast but the quality is high, so you can rely on us for durability as well as style. These white cotton gloves are essential for a Minnie Mouse or Micky Mouse costume, as well as countless other characters. By adding these versatile gloves to your collection you will be adding a functional party prop that can be used again and again no matter the character. Whatever your outfit may be and whatever your occasion, if you need a pair of good-quality white gloves then these are definitely a winner. They benefit from a high-quality construction, manufactured using only the finest cotton for a professional-looking finish that will last and last. Ideal for clowns and Disney characters, these gloves are bound to become a much-loved part of your collection. You dont want to be stuck for props at your next event, which is why we think of all of those little things like gloves, hats, wigs and makeup brushes so that you dont have to. Beneath this huge virtual roof of costumes and props youll find everything you need to bring that character to life and stay in character for the duration of your event. The gloves are comfortable to wear and look great too!