Santa Belly Stuffer


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Santa Belly Stuffer ; Realistic padding for underneath your Santa suit. This is a vest with foam padding. It also has a pocket in front to hold a pillow incase you should need a little extra padding. When it comes to dressing up at Christmas, nothing beats a good old Saint Nick outfit. However, if you are going to dress up as the man of the festive season, you should definitely do it right. Here at Fantasy Costumes we have a whole host of costumes and party props such as our Santa Belly Stuffer to ensure you are dressed up in the most authentic version of your favourite character. Christmas just isn't the same unless Santa Claus makes an appearance. Whether its just to entertain the family during your festive lunch or you are going all out at a corporate christmas do this Santa Belly Stuffer is a must-have for your fancy dress collection. It will totally transform your Santa outfit so that no-one suspects youve been passing up the milk and cookies at each and every house. We love this Santa belly stuffer for truly surprising the kids too. If Dad dresses up as the big guy but doesnt get all the characteristics right, then curious little minds will no doubt call him out on it. For example, if dad has a flat tummy then he is just not cut out for the job! Because everyone knows that the real Santa has a tummy as big and as wobbly as a bowl full of jelly. So with our Santa belly stuffer you can create the ultimate look, add a few extra pounds to your middle without anyone suspecting a thing. The costume itself is a realistic-looking vest with foam padding. This awesome but even has a pocket at the front to hold a standard-size pillow, just in case you feel like you need a bit of extra padding to convince the family of your Santa status!