The Basic 4 & Basic 5 18th Century Wardrobe

The Basic 4 & Basic 5 18th Century Wardrobe

For women just beginning to pull together a wardrobe for our Revolutionary War period, the following is offered as a way of understanding what
is needed when the ideal is not possible. Additional garments should be added.

*For Battle Road, in cold weather, when the 'outerwear garment' will not be removed--The Basic 4 Clothing items
'Outerwear garment' refers to the mantle or cloak

*When no 'outerwear' garment is worn; limited basics--The Basic 5

*The docent at a historical site with limited options -- Basic 5 using the bedgown and adding an apron

Basic 4

Petticoats-preferably wool, and preferably 2
Mantle or Cloak, ideally with arm slits to keep closed

Simple additions for warmth and to shed the rain or sun:
Staw Hat
Plain fingerless mitts

Basic 5 plus Mantle or Cloak if needed

Petticoats-preferably woolen, and preferably 2
Choice of Bedgown or Shortgown, or some less fitted Jackets

With either the Basic 4 or Basic 5 plain hose/socks and plain non-descript shoes are a given.One does not wear sleeveless bodices as on outer garment in place of a gown or jacket

From the Basics one would begin adding:
Pockets, drawstring bags are also handy
Stays or Jumps
Fitted gown or jacket worn over stays or jumps

And for warmth:
Quilted bodice or waistcoat worn under a gown, whether a fitted gown, bedgown, short gown or jacket