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Sometimes you just need a good princess costume for your birthday party or event, and here at Fantasy Costumes we’ve got you covered. Not only do we carry a wide range of high-quality costumes, wigs, masks, accessories, makeup and more we also offer a huge selection of adult princess costumes that are sure to enchant you. Whether you want to channel your inner Cinderella or you are hoping to bring Xena Warrior Princess to life you’ll find your dream Disney or iconic princess under this category. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of strolling into a party dressed head to toe as Snow White? We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a floor-length gown or a cute and flirty mini skirt. Whether you’re a princess or a prince there’s no doubt you’ll find something right here.

Not only do we carry a wide range of princess costumes that are realistic in appearance, they are also incredibly well-made and feature comfortable waistlines, lengths and fabrics to keep you feeling your best throughout the event. Perhaps you have always wanted to attend a party dresses as Cinderella with a Storybook Prince on your arm? We’ve definitely got the princess look you’re after. if it’s something a little more flirty you’re looking for then we also carry a super sexy Playboy Princess Adult Costume finished in pastel pink. Our affordable princess costumes are exactly the right vibe for a Disney themed party, a bachelorette or a birthday party.

Sassy and traditional are two words we’d use to describe our range of quality prince and princess costumes for adults. They are ideal for adding to your costume collection and will no doubt be whipped out again and again throughout the year. It’s a classic! And one that any costume or dress up enthusiast can’t be without.

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