Pink Bunny Costume Infant 1-2


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CLEARANCE A pretty pink bunny for the pretty little girl at home. Excellent costume for Easter. Pink Bunny Costume includes pink furry jumpsuit and headpiece. How adorable is this pink bunny costume? For the little girl (or boy!) who loves pink and dressing up, this soft, fuzzy and comfortable suit is an excellent option. Fitting for any number of occasions, from Easter egg hunts to birthday costume parties and more, the lucky kid who wears this suit will be delighted to have such a great outfit.Sumptuously textured, yet durable, theres no need for concern that this costume will wear down after short periods of use, and stuffiness and overheating will be a thing of the past with the open-faced headpiece. The gentle pale pink color of the fluffy, warm and cozy body is super-appealing, and fits in well with the pastel tones so often found in decorations for Easter-themed or other spring celebrations. As a nod to any number of fictional and animated rabbits, the cartoon-style blue eyes, adorable nose and big buck teeth, which all rest just above the wearers forehead, work well, and the large, straight ears and cotton-tail puff detail are undeniably cute as part of the detachable, comfortable pink and white headpiece.The jumpsuit itself is in a practical and comfy all-in-one style, which makes getting dressed and undressed a breeze rather than a chore useful for the little ones, who sometimes arent too keen to get out of a great costume after a day of playing and fun! Along with its cozy bunny-paw hands which have five fingers and still allow your child to grip things and feet, this charming little suits headpiece really makes it easy to play pretend. Youd certainly be hard-pressed to find a more adorable bunny suit option anywhere for wearing around the home; its so pretty in that lovely shade of pink, no one will be able to resist the cuteness, kids and adults alike!

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