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We all know how Oscar from Sesame Street can be, but wouldn’t it be fun to act like him just once? You have the chance with this Adult Oscar the Grouch Costume. By dressing like Oscar, you’ll have the perfect excuse to act like a big grump!

The costume is so realistic, you may not even recognize yourself after putting it on. Instead, you may see yourself as the furry, irritable - but also lovable - Sesame Street character. You can get together with some friends for a great group costume, or “grouch it” solo and sulk in a corner, just like Oscar does on the show!

The “SCRAM!” sign on the outside of the costume’s trash can may not be very inviting, but hopefully your friends are just as nice as Oscar’s pals on Sesame Street. After all, Oscar has to complain to someone.

It will be hard not to enjoy dressing as Sesame Street’s most unfriendly - and smelly - character in this fuzzy green jumpsuit and headpiece. But be prepared to put on a show; your friends will likely want to hear your version of “I Love Trash,” so be sure to rehearse before leaving home.

Costume Details:
• 55% polyester/45% acrylic long-pile faux fur & 100% polyester windbreaker fabric
• Bright green faux fur top fastens w/ velcro at back of neck
• ''Trash can'' of gray windbreaker fabric has two 24'' wire hoops for shape
• Trash can has printed handles and ''SCRAM!'' sign
• Faux fur headpiece has inner hood that fastens w/ velcro
• Face opening in character mouth

Look positively "trashy" in this Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street costume. Green plush torso with attached printed trash can and plush character headpiece. 

Size Large 42-46