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If you're bored of conventional costumes and want something playful and cheeky to really make a statement, there’s definitely something for you in our selection of miscellaneous costumes. We have a fun line of sexy character costumes, famous male character costumes, as well as female versions of male characters. We’ve got Miss Scissorhands, a female Beetlejuice and even a female Ninja Turtle for those who want something different and fresh. We have female Jetsons, Addams Family and Ghostbusters costumes and more, so you can show off your beautiful bod and dress as a recognizable character at the same time. But maybe magic is more your thing; if that’s the case, grab a friend and play a magician or the rabbit for our rabbit-in-the-hat trick costume.

Perhaps you're looking for something really unique! You can pretend to be carried with our line of piggyback character costumes. Recruit Santa Claus, a gnome or even Mr. President to tote you around at your next party. If you'd rather your partner was a living person, why not raise eyebrows with our Adam and Eve bodysuits, complete with strategically placed tree leaves? If you're going solo, we have nonsensical costumes ranging from a guy in his shower, a man-eating shark (complete with the unfortunate man he's devouring! and an F-Bomb suit.

Maybe you're looking for something silly, yet cute. Don’t worry; we've got you covered. Try playing a Muppet or a box of crayons. You can even play just one crayon if being the color Blue or Red is your dream. If you want to dress up with a friend, you'll really get a charge out of our plug and socket costumes. And for something a little more chilling, our Day of the Dead or Disappearing Man costumes will give partygoers a fright.

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