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Shop Halloween Masquerade Masks Online

When it comes to the spookiest night of the year, Fantasy Costumes has got your back with our range of Halloween Masquerade Masks. Not only is a masquerade ball the perfect formal event to throw at this time of year, it’s also a great theme to attach to your party since it carries a certain air of mystery with it. Whether you go for full-on formal or a more casual affair, holding a masquerade party is a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween. We offer a wide range of suitable masquerade masks for your consideration, each one unique and fit for many different occasions. You can choose form super scary masks like our Backstreet Bat Masquerade Mask or Cold Blood Mask, or go for something that is a little more glamorous such as our In Vain Face Masquerade Mask.

Our In Vain Face Masquerade Mask is perfect for more elegant Halloween costumes or even those that require your identity to remain a mystery. Our Scarface Masquerade mask is perfect for making an entrance whilst our Slasher Mask is as terrifying as it sounds — a smooth black surface with elastic bands to secure it and slashes of metallic red across the front, mimicking a brutal movie scene! We also have a Drainage Face Mask, which is a full face mask with slits for eyes, nostrils and the mouth. It is finished in an eye-catching metallic red with black slashes and outlines.

All of our beautiful masquerade ball masks offer a high-quality construction and will no doubt become a much-loved addition to your fancy dress collection. Whether you’re looking for a simple enhancement for your bat or cat costume, or you need something spectacular to bring your costume to life you’ll find the mask you’re looking for inside our range of Halloween Masquerade Masks.

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