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Mascots are not just for the sporting events, but they have also reached the high schools and colleges to encourage the students to participate in the various games and sports. Companies too use mascots to add a little ‘star power’ to their brand and gain more visibility in the market. Besides the Mascot Costumes, corporations also include mascots on their promotional items, commercial products, and on packaging.

These fluffy and cute mascots are absolutely adorable and this makes them popular at children's parties and town parades. Adults love donning the Mascot Costumes to add excitement to fancy dress events and parties. These mascots are mostly animal based, and at Fantasy Costumes, we have an extensive range of gorgeous Mascot Costumes such as the Penguin Costume Adult Std and the Parrot Costume Adult Std.

Easter Bunny Mascots are our favorite and they are just the thing you need to add fun and excitement to your Easter party. We also have a complete line of non-animal based mascots such as the Christmas Mascots and other seasonal mascots, you are sure to be spoilt for choice! Discover a whole new world that is larger than life and absolutely amazing with our cute Mascot Costumes! Grab some today and add more fun to your events!

Some mascots are available locally to rent from our Chicago warehouse and can be shipped nationwide.

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