Lumiere Brilliant Grande Colour Palette

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye's most popular Lumiere shades are now available in a wildly useful eight-color combination. Colorize any design for runway, theatre or fashion. Refillable, in a sleek fiberboard case with magnetic closure that neatly tucks into any kit.

Lumiere Grand Colour provides a brilliant, shimmery finish. Apply dry, or with water for enhanced opacity. Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet for a smudge and water resistant finish.

0.76 oz. / 21gm. Net weight. Expect 150-800 applications.

LUR-6 Sun Yellow
LUR-7 Tangerine
LUR-17 Cosmic Violet
LUR-13 Royal Purple
LUR-11 Turquoise
LUR-12 Cosmic Blue
LUR-8 Chartreuse
LUR-16 Azalea