Krampus Latex Mask


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Deviant, Krampus or Survivor Latex Mask3 different masks to choose from:Survivor Latex Mask - The last living being! The Survivor Latex Mask includes a black full rotting hood attached to the latex mask. The mask has a skeleton skull; the mouth area has a black respirator with an attached plastic biohazard bottle, and there is green splatter that appears to be dripping down the mask. An elastic strap is attached to the mask to secure it comfortably. Deviant Latex Mask - Hooked nose, sickly bumps all over, latex mask with long hair attached. Krampus Latex Mask - Very well sculpted satyr-type mask will be perfect for your next haunted costume party! Krampus mask has fur trim and backswept horns for a truly scary look.

One size fits most adults.