Jesus Wig & Beard Set


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Includes a brown wig and seperate beard with attached mustache. Elastic straps that go around the ear secures a comfortable fiting beard and mustache. Sometimes you just need to channel the Man himself, whether its a fancy dress party or not! This high-quality Jesus Wig & Beard Set is an addition to your collection that will definitely be appreciated for long after the party. Perhaps you have a themed party to go to, perhaps youre hosting one yourself or maybe you just want to make sure your fancy dress collection is as full as it can be. Whatever the reason, here at Fantasy Costumes weve got something to suit every occasion and this one is a popular choice! The jesus wig and beard set offers an extremely high-quality construction. It has been manufactured using only the finest materials and finished to a high standard. The set includes a lifelike brown wig that looks incredibly realistic and a separate beard with an attached moustache. Basically, it has everything you need for fooling everyone into thinking that Jesus has returned! To make life easier for you, we have included elastic straps that go around the ear. This ensures that the set is comfortable to wear, fits properly and doesnt keep sliding down like some lesser-quality wig sets on the market! Our practical design means you can wear it for extended periods of time without the hassle, both comfortably and easily. You could pair this awesome wig, beard and moustache set with a long white robe tied at the waist with a rustic rope or string. Dont forget the sandals and a few props if you want to go all out! We are extremely proud of our designs, and this Jesus set is no different. We are confident that your collection will be positively complete once this exceptional wig and beard set has been added to it. It can be enjoyed for now and many years to come.