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How would Harry be able to battle trolls or take down a gigantic snarling Basilisk if he couldn't see? His magic wand is certainly his greatest weapon, but it wouldn’t do him a lot of good if his vision was blurry. Blocking oncoming spells and casting spells require specific arm motions that would be nearly impossible to do without being able to see clearly. Without his glasses, Harry certainly would not be the great wizard that he is.

No Harry Potter costume is complete without his glasses, and these are the real deal. The thin-wired frames and round lenses are just like Harry’s own. When wearing these glasses, you may even draw crowds of people who want to meet the legendary Boy Who Lived, so be prepared to tell the story of how you survived an attack from the most powerful dark wizard of all time and escaped with only a lightening-bolt shaped scar on your forehead.

The official licensed Harry Potter glasses. Harry couldn't see without them. Includes: Black Rimmed Glasses with clear lenses. Adult or Child. One Size.

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