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Little girls always love playing dress-up. They don't need a reason to don a fun disguise! Whether you're looking for a costume for Halloween, a birthday party or something so she can enact her favorite character around the house, we've got a wide variety of girls costumes for all ages.

Some costume types never go out of style. Girls still dream of being glamorous princesses, and they have fun playing dastardly witches. Others enjoy dressing as pirates, gypsies, butterflies and cowgirls. There are specific characters, on the other hand, that remain timeless. We have Disney classics, such as Snow White and Cinderella, and children's book heroines like Madeline and Alice. If your child has always dreamed of being one of Scooby-Doo's friends, she can dress up as Velma to solve baffling cases with logic and deduction or Daphne - although you'll run the risk of getting captured. Naturally, we also have Barbie costumes.

If your child is caught up in Frozen fever, she can play Elsa, Anna or even Olaf! If she prefers to walk on the spooky side, our Monster High costumes may be just the ticket. And if your daughter is into something more action-oriented, she can get in on the Mighty Morphin' fun with our Pink Power Ranger costume.

If quirky is more your daughter's thing, we have those costumes too! Check out our line of LEGO costumes if your daughter can't get enough of building adventures for those fun brick people and crayons if your daughter's an artist. She can even dress up as M&Ms or other popular candies!

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