Elvira Economy Wig


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Traditional Elvira high top wig with long flowing sides. Vampy and characterful and definitely one for your Halloween collection, we simply adore our Elvira Economy Wig when it comes to making a statement. The wig is not only a statement piece that will have all eyes on you as you walk into the party, but its the perfect wig for channeling your inner vampire goddess at your next themed party or occasion. Thanks to its recognizable styling, you'll be the most stylish vampire in the room when you opt for your Elvira Economy Wig. Of course, fans will be aware that this wig is just the thing for recreating Elvira Mistress of the Dark. The horror hostess from this well-known 1988 comedy is a wonderful character to represent this Halloween, especially since she is unique and not usually heard of. Whether you want to go as a specific person or your quite happy making up your own, a statement hairpiece like this one is an essential part to any costume. Traditionally, Elvira has a high top with long flowing black hair down either side. This is why we have styled our wig in this way. The high top is essential to her character but also generic enough to be used as a simple vampire costume - all you'd have to do is add some fangs, blood and leather! It has also been styled with bangs for added drama. Don't forget to add some Smokey eye makeup to really get into character. This wig has been expertly made using only the highest-quality wig fibers to ensure a realistic finish. You'll be amazed by how comfortable the wig is, especially if you're going to be wearing it for a long time. The wig offers perfect ease of use and is not restrictive when worn, so you can be sure it will be a valued addition to your adult fancy dress collection.