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Doberman Mascot Costume (Purchase)

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Product Description

Doberman Mascot costume includes :Over-the-head mask, body with hands and feet - 1 size Purchase: $1045.00 SPECIAL ORDER allow 2-3 weeks to process order. Call us at 1-773-777-0222 Whether guard dog or pet, the formidable Doberman pinscher is instantly recognizable; ranked among the most intelligent, agile and obedient breeds of dog, its a great choice for a mascot. So, no matter your needs a promotional event, a sporting occasion, maybe even a theatrical production, or something completely different! rest assured that if you're looking for a premium-quality Doberman mascot suit, weve got you covered. Designed with the wearers comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use in mind as with all the professional-grade mascot suits that Fantasy Costumes sells this suit features a relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style body that means it couldn't be easier to run, jump and dance, as a mascot suit really should ensure! No matter your shape, one size fits most adults, so its roomy as well as being comfortable to wear. Separate hands and feet make getting dressed and undressed a breeze, as well as providing the widest range of motion possible. Theres no risk of overheating unfortunately, its the case that cheaper imitations often become unbearably hot and stifling for the wearer after comparatively short periods of time but you also wont have to worry about potentially embarrassing rips or awkward transparency, due to the high-quality, durable yet lightweight fabrics used in this costumes construction. The large over-the-head mask is great for both ventilation and visibility which are really quite important in a mascot suit! Eye-catching and beautiful with its classic black and tan coloring over the chest, belly, muzzle and front paws, in this case this costume features the docked tail and cropped ears that make the Doberman so instantly recognizable. A highly detailed headpiece with a shiny black nose, a large open mouth and friendly cartoon-style eyes complete the look. Whether from across a room or a sports field, this Doberman mascot suit cant help but catch the eye!

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Adult Costumes/Mascots
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