Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks are a collective of all creatures summoned by activating a Meeseeks Box in the TV show Rick and Morty.


So the Meeseeks are:

1) Created to serve a single purpose.

2) They will do anything and everything to accomplish their objective.

3) Once they are done they vanish into thin air and disappear.

4) They help others, because the mere act of existing is painful to them and the only want to stop this pain is to be removed from existence.

5) Nothing can get rid of them.

6) They usually live for only mere hours...days would be an eternity for them.

7) They slowly lose their sanity as they live longer and longer...

Now let’s get to the costume:

1) Latex balloon


2) Elmer’s glue


3) Blue paint


4) Blue mitt


5) Orange Macrame cord


6) Blue Zentai Suit


So the Meeseeks costume here is quite easy in my honest opinion.

There’s really not a whole lot to it, and personally I actually believe that a lot of this is completely unnecessary.

But let’s start getting more specific shall we?

1) The blue paint and balloon really isn’t 100% needed.

2) Glue should be applied onto both the orange cord and the spot on the physical body where the 'hair' are going to be placed.

3) And lastly, the gloves may not be necessary at all even too.

And that’s a wrap for the Meeseeks.

Nice and simple and easy right?

Have fun with cosplaying as always!