Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers | DIY costume

Let’s Cosplay Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher from the TV show Bob Burger’s has become something of a television icon and has amassed a pretty significant following.


So who is Louise:

1) She is the youngest in her family.

2) The anti-heroine of the show.

3) She has a natural inclination towards conflict.

4) Is a 4th grader that goes to Wagstaff School.

Now let’s talk about her cosplay:

1) Black mary jane strap shoes


2) Pink bunny hat


3) Green dress


Obviously, Louise’s costume is exceedingly easy. It’s just a dress, shoes, and hat.

And, in all honesty, you might not even need those shoes per se...any kind of black shoes that 'matches the look' could do.


And stay out of trouble will you?