The Engineer from Team Fortress Cosplay | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay the Engineer from TF2

This one is definitely a 'throwback' here to times past.

The Engineer from TF2 (Team Fortress 2) hasn’t really been relevant for quite some time now. Due to things like the ever-evolving and lightning-fast changes and pace of the video game industry as well as the skyrocketing popularity of games like DOTA2, League of Legends, and in particular Overwatch this game and these characters have largely fallen out of the public eye.


But this doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a massive impact on many of us back in the day, and this certainly doesn’t mean that we should just ignore them or that people still don’t want to cosplay them.

So without further ado let’s just give you guys a quick rundown of this 'blast from the past':

1) The Engineer is a soft-spoken 'good ole' fashioned country boy’ from Bee Cave, Texas

2) His forte is building structures and weapons that support his team rather than fighting on the front lines.

And that’s really about it for the guy’s bio/background information. TF2 doesn’t really have all that much of a backstory or 'lore' to’s kind of just a bunch of characters dropped into this universe where they endlessly fight each other and we are given a very vague and simple explanation of just what exactly is going on.

Alright now let’s just get to the cosplaying part:

1) Yellow hard hat


2) Welding goggles


3) Blue overalls


4) Duck bib overalls


5) Blue or red button down shirt


6) TF2 engineer patches


7) Yellow latex gloves


8) Carpenter’s apron


9) Yellow power extension cord


10) Black and yellow knee pads


11) Monkey wrench


12) Tan work boots


And now we find ourselves at that stage where we have to put everything together...this one will actually be a particularly interesting one because of the whole 'RED vs BLU' thing:

1) Let’s start with the overalls and shirt. If you choose RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition) then obviously you would go with the red shirt and then the brown overalls, and if you stick with the BLU (Builders League United) team then you’ll be going with the blue shirt and the blue overalls. Simple enough!

2) The hat and the goggles are honestly kind of of the few distinguishing looks to the Engineer’s identity are those 'utility'-type items that really let you know that he’s an actual engineer/construction guy and not just someone with blue-collar type clothing.

3) Good news for you budget-concerned guys is that the patch, the gloves, and the extension cord are definitely optional in the sense that their absence may not really be that noticeable. Although, really it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some yellow gloves and yellow extension cords laying around the house or simply borrowing somebody’s.

4) But once again, we find ourselves with a 3 items that are more-or-less necessary. And whose absence would likely detract too much from the overall identity of the character...and these are the apron, the wrench, and the knee pads. Again, they are 'utility'-type items and really make it clear and obvious that we are looking at a legitimate engineer and not just some guy in some workman’s clothes.

5) Finally, the boots may simply be ones that you may already have lying around, or borrowing some...or buying some that could also be worn around in common everyday life.

OK, now remember to build stuff in strategic places for your team.

Protect your stuff from cloaked or hidden spies.

And make sure that a Demoman doesn’t have a good angle to lob his stupid grenades over at your stuff.


OK good!