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Children often look forward to any event that allows them to dress up, and there aren't many things more exhilarating for young boys than enacting their favorite fictional characters. When parents ask young boys what they want to be when they grow up, they frequently respond by saying that they want to be a superhero, or other pop-culture figures. In the meantime they'll have to settle for one of our realistic costumes, such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and Iron Man.

Boys tend to love dressing like major characters in movies, television shows and books. But there are many great costumes not tied to a particular entertainment franchise. Boys can express their imaginative side by dressing up as wizard, or demonstrate their playful side by dressing up as a convict who's managed to escape prison. We have plenty of other classic creative costumes to suit a variety of interests, including clowns, pirates and warriors. 

Costumes can help boys have great party experiences. They may even indicate what kinds of hobbies they'll be interested in one day! Boys who dress up as the speedy Lighting McQueen may be interested in cars later in life. But regardless what boys get into when they get older, they'll never forget their favorite costumes as a child. Those memories are sure to stick with them forever.

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