​5 Costume Blogs You Should Be Following

8th Dec 2017

Do you love costumes as much as we do? If so, there’s an amazing world of costuming resources on the Internet you should be utilizing. Today we’re going to list some of the blogs we love to peruse in our spare time. From these blogs we’ve learned techniques, history, culture, and tricks of the trade. And naturally, we’ve been inspired.

There are so many blogs out there, and they’re all so different. Yet all shine a light into the different facets of the crafting and costume worlds. Here are a few we love to look at whenever we have a spare moment!

Cosplay in America

This site promotes the work of photographer Ejen Chaung, who visually tells the story of the culture of cosplay. Beautiful, professional images are accompanied by individual stories that remind us how diverse and awesome costuming culture is. Every cosplay experience is so personal and fascinating, and worth the read.

Cosplay Tutorial

Are you a total beginner? Then here’s the site for you. Sure, you’ll find tutorials here for specific items from a variety of cosplayers, but you’ll also get tips, information on cultural happenings within the cosplay world, and closer looks at costumes you might want to emulate. You can even ask questions and have them answered by the staff.

You Can Cosplay

If you like cool pictures of people in costume, this is the place for you. It’s a great place to draw inspiration from and help you realize that you, too, can create cool costumes of your favorite characters, wear them, and look amazing doing it. Sewing tips, and tutorials on wigs, makeup, props, and cosplay are included.

Michele Carragher Embroidery

Love “Game of Thrones?” Then you’ll love Carragher’s blog. She’s a TV and film costumer, and the galleries at her website include her work from GoT and other shows she’s done. You get behind-the-scenes tidbits, close-up views of costume details, and instructions on how to create similar effects. This is a treasure trove for fantasy fans.

American Duchess

This historical blog, especially featuring the 18th century, chronicling creature Lauren’s sewing and fashion projects. She has made this site robust and fascinating, with plenty of podcasts and videos about her gorgeous work.


Seriously, don’t limit yourself, though. The costuming world is vast and full of interesting people with big personalities. There are literally hundreds of blogs out there in multiple genres by talented crafters, and you’ll spend hours (like us) just perusing all of them to figure out what you like. Do you have a favorite? We’d love to know about it!