5 Best Phantom of the Opera Costume Ideas

Posted by Fantasy Costumes Staff on 11th Apr 2016

Our Top Five Picks for Memorable Phantom of the Opera Costumes

The Phantom of the Opera has always been a classic theme for a costume party. Here are five ideas to have the best Phantom of the Opera themed costume without being dressed exactly like everyone else.

The Classic Phantom

Classic Phantom of the Opera Mask

The most obvious costume is easy enough to replicate,  with a simple purchase of a $12 mask and your finest suit, you can come across as a lot more cultured than you really are.

What about those people who want to fit into the Phantom theme, but are looking to stand out?

The Monkey Playing the Cymbals Music Box

Monkey and cymbals from Phantom of the Opera

The monkey is a clever little nod to the story without being so obvious allowing you to pretend like you know so much about symbolism and foreshadowing that it will make you look very intellectual.

The costume is easy enough, really all you need is a monkey costume, a red vest and some cymbals. If you don’t have cymbals, just get two frisbees and spray paint them with metallic brass paint.

Raoul - The Phantom of the Opera’s Nemesis 

Raoul from Phantom of the Opera in classic tuxedo

Here is what you need to play Raoul:

  • Brown hair, or a wig that you can style into this glamorous cut.
  • An old fashioned suit complete with white ascot.
  • A sad and genuinely disgruntled expression at all times.
  • Probably should carry around a picture of the Phantom mask but perhaps draw a big red X over it so everyone will know just how much you hate that guy.

Phantom of the Disco

70s disco costume, silver mens with fringe

Silver Phantom of the Opera half face mask\

If you want to stand out by modernizing the story, why not give it a 70s twist!

Simply add this Disco Costume with this Silver Phantom Mask and you will no doubt be the most uniquely dressed party goer.

We have everything you need for this right here:

Not exactly super modern, but you'll stand out for sure.

Phantom of the O-Purr-a

Women's cat outfit, sexy leotard

All you need for this costume is  some cat ears, a tail and the classic Phantom Mask. Super easy but still TECHNICALLY fits the theme.

You can also wear the ears, tail and mask with a more traditional suit so you don’t upset the host too much.

The Chandelier

The Chandelier is big aspect of the story, so why not bring some attention so it? While we cannot all afford this piece from fashion week, what you can do, is check out your local thrift store and try to find an old chandelier you can cut up and attach to an old timely dress or suit to represent the poor audience members who were underneath the chandelier when it fell!

So there you have it, 5 unique ways to represent the Phantom of the Opera . Good luck on your costumes!