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68" Hooded Phantom Animated Prop

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Product Description

  • Life-size animatronic with multiple moving parts that mimic natural movement
  • Deep repetitious moans that echo in the background create a chilling atmosphere
  • Glowing green LED light emerges from an empty hooded head and hollow sleeves
  • Speaks in a solemn tone one of many haunting phrases

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Product Videos

MR124858 - Hooded Phantom 01:00

The mysterious 72-inch Hooded Phantom Animated Prop is totally draped in black, but his Facial area and his Hands emanate an otherworldly Green Glow! His Turning Torso and Moving Arms appear to be searching for his next victim, while ghostly Sounds and a mournful Bell tolls in the background. His silky persuasive Voice says three phrases: Phrase #1: “At last you are here! Come closer, I will escort you into the shadows of the night.” Phrase #2: “Your time on this earth has come to an end. I have come for your soul. Whether you sing with the choir invisible or wail with the demons of the underworld, I care not. Your soul is mine.” Phrase #3: “Come this way, don't resist. Submit yourself to my embrace. Then, your suffering will not be as great.” Three activation options include, Steady-On, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad. There is also a Volume Control so you can adjust to your surroundings. The Included Universal Adapter has 4 changeable plugs and works in USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

  • MR124858 - Hoo...
    The mysterious 72-inch Hooded Phantom Animated Prop is totally...

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