Silly Boy Wig - Black


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Silly Boy Wig; Men's Shag cut wig. Perfect for the 60's or 70s' Black. One Size. Fancy yourself a bit of a joker or like to have the best wig at the party? Why not try our Black Silly Boy Wig on for size? Whether you have your own character in mind or you're headed to a 60s or 70s themed birthday bash, this wig is a great way to channel your inner silly boy and get that haircut you secretly wish you were brave enough to try! The wig, along with all of our costumes and masks, boasts an extremely high quality so you can rest assured that the wig you're buying from us here at Fantasy Costumes is the very best the market has to offer. We are confident it will become a much-loved part of your fancy dress collection. The wig itself benefits from an expert construction manufactured using fine wig fibers and cut to shoulder-length for added drama. It is black in color and styled with bangs to add to the effect! It is smooth, sleek black hair that looks as if its stepped straight out of a fashion magazine and would be the perfect way to interpret some of your favorite 70s heroes and old-school pop stars. It embodies that retro boyband look that was so hot in the 70s so we absolutely love it for bringing the life and soul back into your themed party! Just add a pair of sunglasses and a bright shirt for the full vibe and make sure you stay in character! Thanks to the comfort and ease of use of this wig, you can wear it throughout the duration of your event without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. It will sit neatly on your hairline and look so lifelike that your mates will believe you've gone back in time.