JoRedu Dry Rot Mask

Trick or Treat Studios

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An Incredibly life-like latex Undead Zombie mask with superb realistic details that accentuate the features of Its decaying flesh. Dry Rot was designed by Jordu Shell, a renowned sculptor and concept designer who  worked on films including Avatar, Starship Troopers and Dawn of the Dead (2004). This is a reimagined classic created from an original Jordu mask originating in the late 80’s. Whether you display it or wear it you’re sure to be satisfied with this in your collection.  is a highly desirable piece for Horror enthusiasts or anyone who collects and has interest in Jordu’s work. This is truly a one of a kind Mask worth having.

  • Uniquely Designed with Horror in Mind
  • Made using High Quality Durable Latex
  • Painted in Life-like Grotesque Detail
  • Comfortable Fit that Stays on your Head