Hillary Clinton Mask


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Full Over-the-head Hillary Clinton vinyl mask that fit under the hair line for complete ease and comfort. Freak out your friends with our incredibly lifelike Hillary Clinton Mask. Not only is it realistic, its crafted of extremely high-quality materials too so it is bound to impress. This Clinton mark is ideal for political-themed parties or birthday bashes! We also love it for Halloween and anniversary parties as well as fancy dress or even themed weddings! Whatever the occasion, this Hilary Clinton mask is bound to become a priceless part of your fancy dress collection. It is scary how authentic it looks, and even scarier when worn by someone else! This mask is a full mask, which means it goes all the way over the head. That means its much easier for you to stay in character too! Without the risk of the mask slipping off, you can remain as authentic as possible up until the very end of the party! The Hilary Clinton mark is crafted of fine quality vinyl that fits under the hair line perfectly. This is so that we can provide the utmost comfort and ease of you for you, the wearer. Not only is the mask comfortable but its breathable and durable so you can rest assured youll look the part not only now but for many years and parties to come. Expertly made by our team of dedicated experts, we pride ourselves on producing only the best masks, wigs and costumes for any occasion. Unlike other masks on the market, this one values quality as much as aesthetic appeal, so no matter what you know youre fancy dress costume is going to be head and shoulders above the rest. With realistic characteristics, that iconic toothy smile and blue eyes youre bound to have the whole party fooled! The little exceptional details make this mask really stand out from its competitors.