Ghostbusters Child Costume Deluxe 80'S


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Suit up in a Deluxe Ghost Busting Uniform from Ghostbusters, featuring their instantly recognizable logo. Photo realistically Designed pockets and belt are printed on the Jumpsuit to create a seamless appearance. The Lightweight 100% Polyester Outfit is constructed to Slip-on over your clothes with Ease. An Inflatable Proton Pack is Added for Ultra Realism, Enabling you to Both Holster and Un-Holster the Neutrino Wand. Get ready for Out of this world Action and show off your Officially Licensed Ghost Busting Gear with an Included Particle Thrower!

Available in Small(4-6), Medium(7-8) and Large(10-12)

  • Officially Licensed Deluxe Ghostbuster Gear for the Entrapment of Paranormal Entities!
  • Features Photo Realistic Printed Pockets and a 3D Inflatable Proton Pack with Holsterable Neutrino Wand
  • If Ever Dirtied Gently Hand wash in Cold Water then Pat Dry
  • Easily Slip-on over your clothes, Grap your Proton Pack and Transform into a Ghostbuster