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People have grown up with Disney tales for generations. They’re meaningful to people of all ages. Even if you're an adult with a day job, you're probably more than familiar with a number of Disney classics, and our selection of classic Disney costumes is extensive, to say the least.

People everywhere love Beauty and the Beast,  Cinderella, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Comparatively new Disney icons have loyal fans as well. Who doesn't adore Woody or Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story?

Disney character costumes are extremely popular, and people gravitate toward them for all kinds of reasons. Disney character costumes - in many cases - remind adults of their childhood. They also make people happy and excited. But, most of all, they make people feel like anything is possible.

Disney character costumes can also make superb conversation pieces, because most people have been Disney fans at some point in their lives. If you dress up as a Disney character, people may feel compelled to ask you about your costume, which could lead to a lengthy, fun conversation. It's difficult to find someone who’s not familiar with Disney’s undeniably classic stories.

Dressing up as a Disney character can work for just about any occasion, too. If you need to dress up for a big Halloween party for work, you can’t go wrong with a Disney character costume. Birthday parties are another easy target for Disney character costumes, as well as the next big Disney movie premier!

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