Clown & Circus Costumes

Step into the enchanting world of the circus with Fantasy Costumes' circus and clown costumes collection, where laughter, excitement, and vibrant colors come together. Whether you're channeling the whimsical charm of classic clowns or taking on the role of a daring ringmaster, our authentic costumes promise a memorable and entertaining experience.

Classic Clown Elegance: Dress up in the iconic attire of classic clowns with our diverse selection of colorful and playful costumes. From oversized bow ties and wacky wigs to polka-dot jumpsuits, our clown costumes capture the timeless appeal of circus clowns, making them perfect for Halloween, themed parties, or entertaining audiences of all ages.

Daring Ringmasters and Circus Performers: Command the spotlight as a ringmaster with our bold and stylish ringmaster costumes. Our circus collection also includes costumes inspired by various circus performers, allowing you to embody the daring spirit of acrobats, jugglers, and more. Make a grand entrance at circus-themed events or showcase your skills with our authentic and attention-grabbing circus costumes.

Accessories and Props: Complete your circus ensemble with our range of accessories and props. From clown noses and oversized shoes to top hats and whip props for ringmasters, our accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your circus look. Create a captivating and immersive circus experience with Fantasy Costumes' circus accessories.

  • Clown Kit
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    Clown Kit

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  • Carver The Killer Clown Adult Costume


    Carver The Killer Clown Adult Costume

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