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Rogers Park - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info


Rogers Park, Chicago

When you first hear Rogers Park you may think of it being a normal park where your family can go and have a picnic or even a place where you can walk your dog, but in all actuality its so much more. Rogers Park is a neighborhood full of fun and diversity and its actually considered one of the most diverse places in Chicago and has shown effort to work and revitalize public spaces and support local businesses. By it being such a cultural setting there are so many fun a new things to try such as restaurants,The Rogers Park Chicago movie theater, beaches, historical sites, even games and comic book stores for the kids !

When it comes to food in Rogers Park there are so many options from tasty Peruvian dishes to Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine and even Romanian Kosher Sausages that'll have your taste buds rocking out ! One of the fascinating parts about eating at these restaurants is that not only do you leave with a full belly, but you leave with a fun yet informing dining experience. Whether you're eating at a table or on the floor, eating from your own plate or sharing a plate with your family it gives you a chance to bond together while trying something new. Once you take this culinary tour of Chicago's diverse and delicious ethnic neighborhood trust you'll want to come back for more.

Chicago has many stores nothing compares to Rogers Park Chicago game stores and Rogers Park Chicago comic book stores. Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo is a five star gaming store that is known for its wall of games and great game collections. Third Coast Comics is a popular comic store located within Rogers Park known for stocking the best comic book selections and even having karaoke night. Another fun filled place which happens to be great movie theater in Rogers Park is The New 400 Theater,its known for its movies screens and its vintage look, and they also have a little extra fun for the adults with a selection of cocktails and beer and having a lounging area.

Rogers Park is a great place be, whether its to live or visit. Best thing about the neighborhood is that there is never a dull moment and there are so many different options of places to go whether its to eat or to play games or even to learn. So if you enjoy all of those things Rogers Park is the place for you!

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