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Pullman, Chicago

The Pullman neighborhood is Chicago’s historical center. It began as a town filled with railcar workers and flourished into the historic masterpiece that it is today. Many of the old buildings still stand including the Hotel Florence, and the city works hard to keep each building in pristine condition. The majestic Hotel Florence still boasts the rich, gorgeous Victorian décor.

A trip through the Historic Pullman Foundation Visitor Center will help those who are relocating to the area or those who are just visiting understand the background of the town. There are tours available so that visitors can see some of the historic buildings with an educated tour guide explaining the history along the way. One stop on every tour is at the George Pullman mansion. This historic home once belonged to the very creator of the town.

As with any historic city the museums are an important part of the areas entertainment. Pullman is no exception and they off a variety of them. The A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum takes visitors back to the late 1800’s with artifacts and information pertaining to the railroad.

Even in the historic town of Pullman people need entertainment. A stop in a Pullman Chicago game store could help supply that much needed entertainment. In Pullman there are several gaming stores from the national chain store Game Stop to locally owned ones like GamerzFrenzy. For even more gaming fun Primestor, Champions, and National Video Gaming League INC are close by.

A stop in a Pullman Chicago comic book store will feed the fun level of comic book fans. Alternate Reality, INC is one of the top comic book suppliers in the historic center. This store sells many of the big comics that are popular today, and they even have a great supply of older ones. Alternate Reality, INC also hosts events where famous writers stop in to sign their work. The owner holds little contests called Rafflemania each Monday where patrons can win a wide variety of prizes.

Movie fans can take a trip to a Pullman Chicago Movie Theater to enjoy this type of fun. The Village Centre Cinemas plays some of the biggest hit movies, and all of them are current. They run several movies each day on any one of the eight wall-to-wall screens in the theater. The stadium seating in the theater is comfortable as the backs are high and seats are cushioned.

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