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Logan Square - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info


Logan Square, Chicago

Imagine being able to browse the unique bistros and bars for delicious food and drink. You can travel by bike instead of having to drive. Take your time visiting all of the local shops and specialty stores in Logan Square in Chicago, Illinois. This working class neighborhood is attractive to a variety of individuals from the trendy to the traditional. This area is a tight-knit community of people that are dedicated to preserving their way of life but very welcoming to visitors that want to delight in all that Logan Square has to offer. Logan Square is well known for its local farmer's markets where you can find the freshest and highest quality produce that the resident have painstakingly grown to be the very best. There are also many trendsetting and top notch restaurants in the area that are a must visit. If you are in the mood for local micro brews then take some time to visit the area brew houses such as Revolution Brewing. It is one of the highest rated brew pubs in the area and they have something to suit just about any beer lover.

The actual center of Logan Square is located at Logan and Kedzie boulevard. The center of the area is landscaped for more of an impact visually complete with lots of tall trees and lush green grass. This area is part of the "Emerald Necklace". This is a name for all fo the adjacent parks and stately neighborhoods that are linked together by the area roads. The homes in this area are majestic and stately complete with stone mansions and towering churches. The area is beautiful and inviting. This is the perfect are for a getaway day trip if you are in the Chicago area and want to have an enchanting and authentic local experience.

While you are there be sure to stop and have some fun at the many local stores such as the Logan Square Chicago game store, Cat And Mouse. If comic books are your thing then the Logan Square Chicago comic book store G-Mart Comics store is a must stop for all of your favorite issues and so much more. If you want to catch a relaxing movie then you need to check out the Logan Square Chicago movie theater called fittingly, The Logan Theatre. As you can see there is plenty of entertainment and fun activities in addition to the traditional scenery and fun and hip businesses.

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