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Lincoln Square - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info


Lincoln Square, Chicago

Chicago has so many different neighborhoods for you to visit, and Lincoln Square is one of the best. With its Old World heritage and modern charm, you will see beautiful building with tons activities for everyone in the family.

Lincoln Square's most well known game store is Wanderers' Refuge, and it is definitely a place you could spend hours in. The store lets you play games, buy them, and just hang out. The stores supports a relaxed play area by providing equal gaming and respect to all customer with Wheaton's Law (equality for all).

If you want to catch a movie, Lincoln Square Chicago movie theater Davis Theater is one of the most amazing experiences in the Lincoln Park area. They recently renovated their movie theater and purchased several store fronts adjacent to the theater. Their new renovations were debuted on December 15, 2016 with a full service bar and restaurant attached to the theater, so everyone can grab a bite to eat before going to the movies.

Another family favorite is the Lincoln Square Chicago comic book store. Dark Tower Comics and Collectibles delivers the best comics to the Lincoln Square area. The comic store carries all of your comics and has the best place for you to hang out with some friends or browse some comics.

The Square is not to be confused with the more southern neighborhood of Lincoln Park, which offers features such as the Lincoln Park zoo. Whether visiting Chicago or staying long term, Lincoln Park is a beautiful part of the city that you must see. The beautiful buildings and parks help you see an older side of Chicago with a modern feel.

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