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Kenwood, Chicago

Kenwood is a part of Chicago that has undergone so many transformations during its existence, even though the area this neighborhood covers seems relatively small compared to some other places in the city. But here you can find many historic homes and famous centers, including the home of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, and even baseball's iconic owner Bill Veeck who owned the Chicago White Sox from 1959 to 1981. The community offers a great view of Lake Michigan, and one place that's become featured over the years is Hyde Park Arts Center, a place where various artists come to display their work.

Kenwood became a rather outlying neighborhood of Chicago back in the mid 1800s, and it was named for a place in Scotland by the area's first resident, Dr. John A. Kennicott. It was popular because it was situated away from the noisy inner city areas of Chicago, and some of the more affluent citizens came to live there. It even sprang up a massive transit station called the L where trains would transport people to and from the downtown section. Kenwood had a few periods in its history where it started to become crowded with more impoverished citizens, but after an effort went forth to preserve its historic districts, the neighborhood has once again become a peaceful part of Chicago.

When you want to take in the fun in this town, you might go down to this Kenwood Chicago game store, Game Stop. Game Stop is the primary gaming store available in the Kenwood area, but you also might want to take a trip down to a local comic store. Chicago Comics is a special independent Kenwood Chicago comic book store that you can find in the area and explore different comic strips both in the mainstream and from unknown artists. You also probably want to take in a movie or two, and you can do so down at this Kenwood Chicago movie theater, Harper Theater. This theater is over 100 years old and still retains the appearance of a retro movie theater.

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