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Hyde Park, Chicago

Chicago’s Downtown Hyde Park is what’s known as a Special Service Area, or Business Improvement District. Funded by local tax districts, the SSA’s expand and enhance services and programs within contiguous areas. SSA-funded projects include public way maintenance and beautification. This includes special events, promotional activities, security and façade improvements, as well as other commercial and economic development initiatives. No matter if you are a Chicago resident, or an out-of-town visitor, Downtown Hyde Park is basically its own small town. Here, you can find a mix of shopping, cultural attractions, and food experiences not to be missed. Walk the streets, experience the warmth and individuality.

In 1893 Hyde Park was the site of the Chicago’s World Fair. This was the introduction of both the Ferris wheel and electricity in the United States. These 600 acres and 200 buildings greeted nearly 30 million people. In the ensuing 120 years, the area is still a profound locality of historical and social importance.

On the peripheral outskirts can be found the University of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry. The Museum of Science and Industry is the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The scenic campus of the University of Chicago is very near the home of President Barack Obama. This is just the tip of the cultural iceberg.

The Hyde Park Chicago comic book store known as First Aid Comics is a draw to comic fans who know their stuff. The owner, James, has created a store with no equal in Hyde Park. He’ll even order a publication for you that he doesn’t have on hand. You don’t even need to be a comic book nerd to enjoy this awesome place. Or, check out the Hyde Park Chicago game store. They rock lots of board and family games.

If comics and games aren’t your thing, head over to the Hyde Park Chicago movie theater. The Harper Theater was opened in 1913. It now presents wide-release films with a state-of-the-art digital projection system. You can even book movie tickets online. One major convenience of online booking is that you are guaranteed seating for the movie or show time you prefer.

If you’re into music instead of movies, check out Hyde Park Records. This once drab use record shop is now a favorite spot for DJs looking for that unique dance mix. But they don’t offer just vinyl records. Search through their CDs and DVDs. They even have “Live Nights”, where DJs bring their talent to the neighborhood.

It seems that this neighborhood’s cultural contributions just don't end.

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