Humboldt Park - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info

Humboldt Park, Chicago

Humboldt Park is Chicago’s little Puerto Rico. The area is rich in the Latin culture from giant Puerto Rican flags to over 60 colorful murals found all around the neighborhood. The Spanish Colonial architecture found throughout the neighborhood only highlights more of the beautiful Latin culture.

The gorgeous streets and homes are only part of what is happening in the Humboldt Park area. This area really knows how to have fun. Once a year the Puerto Rican People’s Parade fills the streets in Humboldt Park. It is said to be one of the largest Latino celebrations held in the United States. The Fiesta Boricua is another festive event that draws in thousands of people to the area once a year.

Where to catch movies in Humboldt Park

Moviegoers looking for a show in Humboldt Park Chicago Movie Theater will be happy to know that there are three cinema’s close-by. The Regal City North Stadium 14 Imax & RPX, the Showplace Icon at Roosevelt Collection with Icon X, and the Cinemark Melrose Park are all driving distance of Humboldt Park. Each of these theaters has two or more screens, and each one plays only the most recent big screen hits for the guests.

Comic book and game stores in the area

Comic fans can find their kind of fun in a Humboldt Park Chicago Comic Book Store. Challenger’s Comics is one of the largest comic book stores in the area. This store has a massive selection of old and new comics. If you're looking to match your comic books with cool costumes, check out a nearby costume shop. They also hold events and they have comic book signings and even parties.

For gaming fun a Humboldt Park Chicago game store will supply all types of gaming needs. Game Stop is the area’s largest and most well known gaming store. They are known to buy and sell old video games that people are tired of so they can choose a new game from the store’s massive selection. The store even keeps older game devices in stock for those hooked in the classics.

As far as dining in Humboldt Park the sky appears to be the limit. Latin food is definitely on many menus in the area that include those made with special, mouth watering Puerto Rican spices and many also offer a selection of fresh breads. Many other types of food can be found in this fantastic little neighborhood. Zoku Sushi offers a tasty selection of Sushi while the Boathouse offers dinner on the deck of a real boathouse. The Boathouse has a large selection of American foods.