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Edgewater, Chicago

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Edgewater sits seven miles north of downtown Chicago. Visitors to Edgewater enjoy the long beaches and open park space. The city combines the urban lifestyle with nature and a host of city landmarks. Edgewater boasts some of the best antique shopping areas in the Midwest and is one of the neighborhood's signature attractions.

The neighborhood's Bryn Mawr Historic District is a throwback to the 1920s with its vintage lamp posts and lantern lights. Notable landmarks dot Bryn Mawr Avenue and include the Edgewater Presbyterian Church and the historic Belle Shore Apartment Hotel. There is also the Edgewater Beach Apartments, once a part of the Edgewater Beach hotel and known for its celebrity guests in the 1950s.

Edgewater is famous for its boutique grocery stores, farm stands, and authentic deli's. The neighborhood is known for its diverse ethnic background in the number of restaurants sharing the cuisine of African and Eastern European immigrants.

One of the largest and widely known game stores in Chicago is Dice Dojo. Dice Dojo offers a large variety of games for every type of gamer. The store has dozens of game tables to allow guests to play their latest purchase or participate in one of many tournaments that the store offers including Magic the Gathering. Dice Dojo demos many games throughout the year and hosts a weekly free Board Game Night each Wednesday at 6pm. This Edgewater Chicago game store should be included in your next visit.

Graham Crackers Comic Books is an Edgewood Chicago comic book store located between two L stops. Graham Crackers offers 1700 square feet of back issues, posters, comic art supplies, comic supplies in addition to the latest comics and graphic novels. As a full service comic book store, the friendly and helpful staff can help you find that perfect gem.

A movie theater with a rich history, The New 400 Theater offers new movies to their patrons. Built in 1912, it was originally named the Regent Theater. The theater was renamed in 1930 to the 400 theater, paying homage to the term 'The Four Hundred" referencing the top four hundred people in high society. The New 400 Theater hosts various events throughout the year and is a short walk from the Red Line. As a historic Edgewater Chicago movie theater, it couples the historic charm of the neighborhood with the latest films available.

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