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Chinatown, Chicago

Over 65,000 residents of Chinese heritage live in Chinatown in Chicago. That makes this neighborhood one of the biggest anywhere in the United States. Chinatown is situated near the South Side of the city. This area reflects the energy and vibrancy of the Chinese people with shops offering amazing specialties, cultural cuisine that is flavorful and delicious and must see landmarks. Ping Tom Memorial Park is a glorious place to spend an afternoon and the Buddhist Temple is awe inspiring.

Wentworth is the main area and filled with dim sum and Chinese food that has been cooked to perfection. The restaurants are epic and the boutique's filled with beautiful, distinctive merchandise. The entryway is known as the Chinatown Gate and the ornamentation is fabulous.

To the North of Wentworth Avenue is the biggest Chinese mall throughout the Midwest. Chinatown Square is comprised of restaurants that have won awards including the Phoenix or the never forgettable Lao Sze Chuan.

The collection of public art is incredible and includes sculptures of animals inspired by the zodiac. This gigantic tile sculpture mosaic was created by Yan Dong and Zhou Ping. This piece with the twin pagodas is the representation of the many accomplishments made in America by the Chinese people. This gorgeous mural is seen by the Chinese as a gift to the city of Chicago.

Anyone with an interest in a Chinatown Chicago game store will be delighted with the choices. Game Stop and The Cat and Mouse Game Store both have a wide selection of games sure to please any taste and turn any get together into a lot of fun.

Even a Chinatown Chicago comic book store is not problem in this neighborhood. First Aid Comics is charming and their selection covers all the genres. Chicago Comics is always a classic with excellent service and comic books for everyone's taste.

If a Chinatown Chicago movie theater is what you are looking for, sit down and relax at AMC and enjoy a soft drink and a great movie. Showplace Icon Theatre is another excellent choice. The comfort and ambiance will delight you.

Chinatown is an extraordinary place to visit. The old world charm and Chinese culture encourage you to walk along these roads and enjoy the sights and sounds that make Chinatown so unique. Remember, you are always welcome in Chinatown.

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