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Bronzeville is a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. In the 1910s, a massive number of African American workers migrated to Bronzeville to escape forces of oppression, and to this day, their presence is still felt within the community. Figures such as Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks, activist Ida Wells, and musician Louis Armstrong are among those who have impacted this neighborhood for the better. Bronzeville is most commonly noted for its beautiful public art, which includes statues, bridges, and even the aesthetics of the houses.

Bronzeville is a busy community with a diverse population. In addition to schools, libraries, and restaurants, Bronzeville has a couple attractions that stand out from other communities. The Bronzeville Chicago game store is almost like a museum full of artifacts and the history of different games. The Bronzeville Chicago comic book store features an immense collection of comic books that any collector should visit. Finally, the Bronzeville Chicago movie theater has a nostalgic feeling that distinguishes itself from other theaters. These attractions make it a fun area with a particularly lively atmosphere on the weekends. Even in the coldest of winters, major streets are bustling with activities and a wide variety of individuals. Bronzeville was once an industrial community, but today, its demographic is young with many residents of downtown moving to this highly desired area. Additional buildings include the town hall, train stations, and landmarks.

Overall, this community has a historic theme that dates back many decades to when Chicago was a developing city. Because Bronzeville is so close to the heart of the city, both regions share influences upon each other that are noticeable on the streets. For visitors interested in fun attractions, Bronzeville is a suburb of Chicago that you don't want to miss. Not only are there stores and theaters, but the community shares this enthusiasm for fun. It is a peaceful yet engaging area that has received recognition for the aforementioned sources of entertainment.

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