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Boystown - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info


Welcome to Boystown

Boystown, Chicago

Chicago's most well known LGBT community is Boystown. The town is made up of a diverse and accepting culture that makes the atmosphere fun and enjoyable for everyone. Some of the most amazing restaurants, bars, and shops are located right in the middle of Boystown.

Boystown has comic stores, a movie theater, and a gaming store for the younger generation or the gamer inside of us all. The fun strip of stores has a ton of antique shops that you can stop at. For the adults you can find some of the best bars and restaurants like Charlie's Chicago. Charlie's is known for its games of bingo, free dance lessons, and amazing drink specials. While you are shopping around, you can stop by Home Bistro in Boystown. The cute bistro is nestled in the night life strip of the town. The BYOB restaurant provides the best brunch menu in the area for anyone.

The Playground Theater is an improv, comedy theater that is perfect for starting your night out or having a very low key night. The theater offers drink specials and provides some hysterical acts to give you a good laugh in Boystown.

Bobby Loves is known for its "Cheers" atmosphere and also a great place to make new new friends. The charming building on the strip invites people in off the street that have a drink and chat with others at the bar. The juke box will keep you company all week, but when the weekend rolls around, you can get your pipes warmed up for a round of karaoke.

Whether you are going out to meet new people or to be social, Boystown is the place to do so. You can grab a drink and get to know others around the town. Make sure you visit Boystown for the home feel.

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