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Welcome to Avondale

Avondale, Chicago

The charming neighborhood of Avondale is on the Northwest Side of Chicago. The area is a mixture of traditional and industrial design. Avondale was once a designated area for those of Polish heritage. Now the neighborhood is a beautiful mix of people from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. There are restaurants and shops all throughout the neighborhood that sell highly wanted imported goods from almost every spot on the world map.

Avondale is filled with many types of fun activities for people of all ages. Dining in the area could mean a traditional Russian meal one night and Japanese cuisine the next night. The Pork Shoppe is one of the more famous BBQ restaurants in Chicago. It offers diners a selection of meat products that they bring in from local farms. The Staropolska Restaurant has a large selection of traditional Polish foods, and they even have Eastern European beers. Taqueria Mazamitla offers guests authentic Mexican food that former diners give high reviews. Beer enthusiasts will find what they have been searching for at the Beer Temple in Avondale. The owners offer patrons a daily free tasting of their own special brews. They also sell one of the more diverse selections of beer in the area.

Game stores in Avondale

For gaming fun a stop in any Avondale Chicago game store may be the answer. There are several big named games stores in the area from Game Stop to Best Buy. A game store filled with great games but is on a smaller scale then the big retail chains gamers should check out People Play Games. They even carry some of the older games and systems.

An Avondale Chicago comic book store that has high reviews from former shoppers is the G-Mart Comics Store. They not only have a huge selection of comics but they also carry games too. Another fun comic store is Dark Tower Comics. They offer everything from comics to comic related toys. They also hold gaming events. If an item is not in stock the fantastic staff will go out of their way to order it.

An Avondale Chicago movie theater that patrons visit time and again is the Regal Cinemas City North 14 IMAX & RPX Theater. The Regal Cinema is a large theater that offers viewers a choice of big screen entertainment on several different screens. They show only newer, popular movies. The seating is nice and plush for comfortable movie watching.

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