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Andersonville - Chicago Neighborhood Fun Info


Welcome to Andersonville

Andersonville, Chicago

If you're looking for a small town feel in the city, Andersonville is the place for you. The cute buildings and friendly people in the neighborhood give you an at home feel in a big city. 

A fun place to hangout in the neighborhood is Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo, which provides you with the hottest games that are out. The game store gives entertainment to Andersonville area which has plenty to offer. Grab a bite to eat at local Lady Gregory's pub, then run by the game store and pick up that new game that just came out you're dying to play.

Andersonville Chicago comic book store Alleycat comics is another great place to visit. The locally owned store has some of the most amazing owners that can help you find any of the comics you want. The owners post PodCasts and videos for you on their website about comics and any local related events going on.

While visiting Andersonville, if you want to have a low key night by seeing a movie, the Aragon Ballroom if they're showing a film that night. The ballroom is known for their music venues and cinema shows. The beautiful restored building is very warm and inviting to all the guests that come through. The theater even offers a two dollar movie night. If you want to catch a musical event, check their website to see what shows or events are coming up in the theater while you are visiting.

If you are looking for one of the best neighborhoods of Chicago, Andersonville should be top on your list. The neighborhood is known for their antiques and LGBT friendly community. In Andersonville, everyone is treated like family. The shops, restaurants, and cute little strip are some of the things that makes Andersonville a favorite of so many visitors and residents.

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