Character Wigs

Don’t let your character costume fall flat because it’s missing one key component. Achieve an accurate depiction of the character you’re trying to portray with one of our character wigs.

Some of the most well-known characters in history would be almost unrecognizable without the proper hairdo. A Santa Clause costume would be just a red suit and a hat without the legendary snow-white hair and beard, for example. Although transforming your natural hair to match your character costume is not a realistic solution in most cases, not imitating your character's hairstyle will hurt the overall quality of your costume. Adding this one important accessory will take your costume to the next level and show you’re dedicated to creating the most realistic adaption of your favorite character.

It’s fun to dress as a particular character because it’s obvious who you're supposed to be; you don’t want people asking who you’re dressed as. Having the right wig can be the difference between people knowing instantly which character you are versus having to ask who you’re dressed as. Whether you're dressing up for a movie premier, a release party or a Halloween or holiday party, be sure your hair is in line with the rest of your costume by topping it off with a wig. But, beware, a lifelike costume may lead to people asking for your autograph, so be prepared and bring a pen.

  • Harley Quinn Suicide Squad  Wig
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    Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Wig

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    Fantasy Costumes

    Santa Wig & Beard Set # B

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  • Santa Wig & Beard Nylon
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    Santa Wig & Beard Nylon

    MSRP: $79.99