Santa Wig & Beard Deluxe Nylon Set


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Santa Wig and beard is a Natural color, Synthetic fiber. Fully washable and individually boxed. Great set! Sometimes you just want a fancy dress costume that is going to be the bees knees. One that is going to fool all admirers, turn you into the star of the show and be enjoyed again and again no matter what the occasion. Thats where our Santa Wig & Beard Deluxe Nylon Set comes in. Not only is it a fantastic party piece, it is also incredibly realistic and wonderfully made to ensure it offers years of service. The high-quality construction is apparent from first glance. You can see by the authentic curls and fine-quality synthetic fiber that this wig set is one for the pros! It boasts a natural colour so that you can have the whole family fooled this Christmas and the set includes a Santa wig and a beard. This nylon set is not only durable and expertly-made but its totally machine washable too. That means that after the festive feast is over and youve spilled gravy done your beard, removing the evidence will be no hassle at all! We love this Santa wig and beard set for surprising young children and families over the festive period. There is nothing more magical than meeting Santa Claus, and with the help of this product you can put all the sparkle into the family gatherings. Just add the red suit, a jolly belly and a smile and the kids will never know youre not the man himself. Whats Christmas without an appearance from good old Saint Nick? With this special party piece, you could even reuse it for a fantasy fancy dress party and go as Gandalf or Dumbledore! Guaranteed to be used and adored again and again, this versatile and well-made Santa beard set is one that is sure to be in the family for many years to come. That we can probably guarantee!