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Tuxedo Penguin Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size.  Rental $95.00 Security $300.00 You certainly cant go wrong with a perky tuxedo penguin mascot! From €˜March of the Penguins to €˜Happy Feet, the penguin has become an instantly recognizable symbol of the Antarctic; no wonder, then, that its a popular mascot choice for countless sporting teams and organizations. But you'll be blowing them all out of the water with this premium-quality mascot costume definitely one of the best on todays saturated market. Whether for a parade, a promotional event, a theater production or something completely different, you're certain to make a splash with a tuxedo penguin. Others may offer mascot suits for suspiciously low prices, or promise unfeasibly short delivery times but the range of professional-grade mascot suits sold by Fantasy Costumes are the real deal. They're designed with the wearers comfort, ease of use and freedom of movement in mind; the plush, comfortable body has a relaxed jumpsuit style, making it suitable for any number of physical activities because what's the point in a mascot suit if you cant dance, run and jump? Made from fabrics of the highest quality, this costume means no worries about embarrassing rips or awkward transparency, and unlike cheaper imitations, its both highly durable and lightweight, so it wont become unbearably hot and stuffy after short periods of wear. The large over-the-head mask allows for plenty of ventilation and visibility, while detached hands and feet make putting on and taking off this costume a breeze. With its simple and subtle, yet attractive, black and white color scheme, this tuxedo penguin mascot costume is definitely a head-turner. Its cute brown flipper-like feet and €˜wing-style arms add a decent touch of realism, while the tapered black head with its large eyes and striking yellow beak are just the cherry on top. Available for rental at competitive rates, you'd be mad to go anywhere else for a tuxedo penguin mascot costume!